Psyllium Husk (Plantago Ovata,Ispaghula)

Psyllium Seeds are processed to remove the outer coating of the seed to get the Husk. Psyllium Husk contains about 70% soluble fiber and 30% insoluble fiber. Psyllium husk has approximately 71 grams of fiber for a third of a cup compared to 5 grams of fiber from the same cup of Oat Bran.

This white fibrous material derived from psyllium seeds is used in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and food products industries.

Purity 85% pure 95% Pure 98% Pure 99% Pure
Mucilloid content NLT 85% NLT 95% NLT 98% NLT 99%
Light extraneous matter 15% Maximum 5% Maximum 2% Maximum 1% Maximum
Swell volume NLT 40 ml/gm NLT 40 ml/gm NLT 45 ml/gm NLT 50 ml/gm
Color Light Brown to White as per Purity.
Total ash NMT 4% NMT 4% NMT 4% NMT 4%
Acid insoluble ash NMT 1% NMT 1% NMT 1% NMT 1%
Moisture content NMT 12% NMT 12% NMT 12% NMT 12%
Microbial limits Absence of Salmonella & Escherichia coli
Insect Infestation NMT 100 Insect Fragments/25g
Total Bacterial Count NMT 5000 CFU/G
Total Yeast & Mold Count NMT 500 CFU/G
Heavy Metal NMT 1 PPM/G
Methyl Bromide Residue Absent
Sterilization ETO, Steam or Heat (Depending upon Customers Requirements)
Packing 25Kg Paper bag with Inner Polyliner or 1000 lb Tote Bags