Organic Psyllium

"An organic farm, properly speaking, is not one that uses certain methods and substances and avoids others; it is a farm whose structure is formed in imitation of the structure of a natural system that has the integrity, the independence and the benign dependence of an organism"

—Wendell Berry, "The Gift of Good Land"

Organic Farming

Organic farming is based on holistic, ecologically balanced agricultural principles involving soil fertility, crop rotation and natural pest control. When growing organic goods, farmers do not use synthetic pesticides or fertilizers on crops, and they reject the use of synthetic hormones, antibiotics or other medications. It may sound like an elusive concept, but the basis for organic farming is actually very simple: Allow nature to do what nature does best."

Why Organic?

  • 100% USDA certifed Organic
  • More healthier and nutritious ingredients then the conventional one.
  • More environmental awareness amongst consumers.
  • Premium margins from premium ingredients.

  • Psyllium Labs Inc have been providing 100% USDA certified Organic Psyllium to all over the world. We have dedicated raw material processing units for organic psyllium, enabling us to deliver Organic products with ultimate quality standards with required purity.